martes, 6 de agosto de 2013

Sorority Of Power #5

Written and Illustrated by Writer: Dan Sehn, Art: TG Sangalang, Colors: Miguel Marques, Pin-Ups: Nikkol Jelenic, Comfort Love, Sullivan Suad, Savark Dicupe, Ed Coutts, TG Sangalang, and Dan Sehn . Cover by Alex Garcia.
    Standard Comic
    Full Color
    Page Count: 28
    A trip to the mall becomes more than they bargained for when the Sorority of Power face off with The Teen Machine!
    THE SORORITY OF POWER aka SUPER GAMMA MEGA is the top sorority in the country for today's mega-heroine in training. Sorority President Lady Blackstar along with sorority sisters Crush and Ms. Molecule, train hopeful young pledges Cybersuit, Leopard Lass, and Moushka. Let's hope they survive the hazing! Created by Dan Sehn, the girls debuted in ARGO COMICS ANTHOLOGY # 2, appeared in Argo 5 # 3 and now, due to popular demand, star in their own series! For back issues go to
    Sorority of Power Issue 5 TM and ©  Dan Sehn. All Rights Reserved.

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