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colors by Marcus Mebes
Oziana #38 features stories and art by Gina Wickwar, Anna-Maria Cool, Alejandro Garcia, Jared Davis, Dennis Anfuso, David Tai, Kim McFarland, and Marcus Mebes. Founded on and continuing the famous Oz stories by L. Frank Baum and Ruth Plumly Thompson. 

Link to buy the book:

For this issue I did the cover and illustration for two of the stories: POLYCHROME VISITS THE SEA FAIRIES, by Gina Wickwar, and THE BASHFUL BAKER´S HONEYMOON by Marcus Mébès

On the cover: clockwise from the top, we have Ozma, Prince Corum, Polychrome, Maria Baker, the Hungry Tiger, Arko the Mer-man, Derek Designer, King Bud of Noland, and Jinnicky, the Red Jinn of Ev.


Polychrome visits the sea fairies

Polychrome visits the sea fairies
Devil fish

Maria and Derek

Arko and Orpa

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This was a huge project with writer Marcus Mébès, Jared Davis and Jeff Rester. I provide the covers and some interior art, as part of Tandy´s sketchbook. The book one was also illustrated by John Troutman.

 Cover colors by Marcus Mébès.

  Here is a description for BOOK ONE: "Ruth Plumly Thompson set up a grand adventure with her book CAPTAIN SALT IN OZ, but alas... that adventure was yet to be recorded. At last, The Royal Explorers of Oz, a new trilogy by Marcus Mebes, Jared Davis, and Jeff Rester, explores long forgotten lands and secrets hidden about the Nonestic Continent. What ever happened to the pirates of Pirate Island from L. Frank Baum's JOHN DOUGH AND THE CHERUB? How about Prince Bobo from RINKITINK IN OZ? What are the latest happenings in Ev, Ix, Mo, the Jalacasco Islands, and even Ozamaland? Well, put on your best pirate gear and join us for a rolicking adventure around the entire continent... and beyond!" 

You can get Book One here:





This is a group of characters from a online fanfic called "The Hall of Justice". The Titans Task Force, made up of Palomé (the son of Raven and Risk), Ryand'r (the brother of Starfire), Lilith, Argent, and Celsius (from the Doom Patrol). Palomé is a total new character created by Marcus Mebes for this fictional future.



Also, there were more character in this alternate future, all of them have been created by fans, like Celsius II (son of Celsius and Niles Caulder, from the Doom Patrol), Hunter, Powerguy and Wonderboy.





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The next two pictures were a Gift for a friend, who love pin-up girls and the Watchmen movie.

Silk Spectre


Silk Spectre was based on a James Jean drawing, who has imitated the technique and style of Alberto Vargas.

I have drawn Silhouette taking as reference a picture of the actress Ursula Zandt.

Art Contest

Last year I have participated in an art contest about the Argo Comics characters, created by Dan Sehn.

For the contest I did this two pieces (pencil, inks and colors) :
Sorority of Power

Sorority of Power

And as a result I won the second and fourth prize.

You also can check the other entries for the contest, and more art with de great Argo Comic characters on this link: and here:

Rats! and Other Frustrations

This was the first time that my drawings were published, in a book called Rats! and Other Frustration, by Marcus Mébes. 

This is a description of the book from, where you can get it:

"Here is a collection of three short stories and two poems by Marcus D. Mebes, featuring stunning art in "George Perez" style by Alejandro Garcia. From the "Twilight Zone"ish title story, to a fairy tale, to a surprising retelling of the "Beowulf" saga from the viewpoints of a Civil War soldier and a Caddo Indian, this collection is sure to bring enjoyment and provoke you to think hard about how people treat each other".

And here is the link: 
Rats! cover





Madame Leonore
Sky-Eyed Wolf

man ee tha

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The New Teen Titans

Teen Titans TM and copyright DC Comics

This picture was created to be included in PACESETTER: THE GEORGE PEREZ MAGAZINE # 11, the Teen Titan issue. In it we can see Starfire, Kole, Cyborg, Jericho, Raven, Wonder Girl, Changeling and Nightwing. Mostly of them actually don´t exist on the New DC Universe, but some day they will return.


Teen Titans TM and © DC Comics

My name is Alejandro García, but everybody knows me as Alex. I´m originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, but have lived in Spain since 2003. I believe my passion for the Titans and George Pérez arrived the same day, when I read a Titan story for the first time, I think it was with "Assault on Titans Tower" story. I always liked super hero teams, and when I saw this new team, with teenagers (I was only familiar with Robin) it got my attention inmediately. What I liked most was the incredible art, so detailed....the page composition, the fighting sequences and the final moment....they were all great! After that, I wanted to have all the previous issues and the new ones. I remember running to the comic store every month to buy a new issue. It was so exiting read the New Teen Titans. And the stories were becoming more exiting month after month. It was the same with the art: Pérez improved with each issue to the point where we could perfectly distinguish the Titans without their masks. That was so too many pencilleres are capable to do something like that these days.
With the Titans I discovered a great artist, all of whose work I follow, regardless of publishers, and I´m always looking to find out what his next work will be.

I´ve always enjoyed drawing and Perez´s art was an inspiration to me. I spent a lot of time scrutinizing his drawings and trying to imitate his style, buy obviously that is impossible. Pérez is always evolving and improving... it is impossible to match!

Ok, this is part of my interview to PACESETTER, THE GEORGE PEREZ MAGAZINE #11, produced and edited by my friend Marcus Mébes.

With this blog I like to share my passion for comics, super-heros and George Pérez, whom I thank for all the inspiration.