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Teen Titans TM and © DC Comics

My name is Alejandro García, but everybody knows me as Alex. I´m originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, but have lived in Spain since 2003. I believe my passion for the Titans and George Pérez arrived the same day, when I read a Titan story for the first time, I think it was with "Assault on Titans Tower" story. I always liked super hero teams, and when I saw this new team, with teenagers (I was only familiar with Robin) it got my attention inmediately. What I liked most was the incredible art, so detailed....the page composition, the fighting sequences and the final moment....they were all great! After that, I wanted to have all the previous issues and the new ones. I remember running to the comic store every month to buy a new issue. It was so exiting read the New Teen Titans. And the stories were becoming more exiting month after month. It was the same with the art: Pérez improved with each issue to the point where we could perfectly distinguish the Titans without their masks. That was so too many pencilleres are capable to do something like that these days.
With the Titans I discovered a great artist, all of whose work I follow, regardless of publishers, and I´m always looking to find out what his next work will be.

I´ve always enjoyed drawing and Perez´s art was an inspiration to me. I spent a lot of time scrutinizing his drawings and trying to imitate his style, buy obviously that is impossible. Pérez is always evolving and improving... it is impossible to match!

Ok, this is part of my interview to PACESETTER, THE GEORGE PEREZ MAGAZINE #11, produced and edited by my friend Marcus Mébes.

With this blog I like to share my passion for comics, super-heros and George Pérez, whom I thank for all the inspiration.

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  1. Pra mim sua arte (assim como de Perez e Phill Jimenez) retrata perfeitamente os Titãs. Você é INCRÍVEL!!! Parabéns!

  2. I just took a tour through your entire blog and I have to say I'm completely blown away. I love your art. I absolutely love your art.
    I do have a fanpage with about 8.000 likes over at Facebook and I will start posting your art over there, of course, full credits to you. I wish you the best of lucks, you're such a talented man.

  3. It looks like I haven't used the blogger profile in a while-- I'm the same guy who just wrote. I updated my name and image. Feel free to look up my fanpage on Facebook, too. I will have such a great time promoting your work :)

  4. thanks!!! fell free to use my art on your blog or facebook.

  5. Gracias, Alex! De veras que me encanta tu trabajo. Y supongo que hablas español, jejeje. Saludos.