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colors by Marcus Mebes
Oziana #38 features stories and art by Gina Wickwar, Anna-Maria Cool, Alejandro Garcia, Jared Davis, Dennis Anfuso, David Tai, Kim McFarland, and Marcus Mebes. Founded on and continuing the famous Oz stories by L. Frank Baum and Ruth Plumly Thompson. 

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For this issue I did the cover and illustration for two of the stories: POLYCHROME VISITS THE SEA FAIRIES, by Gina Wickwar, and THE BASHFUL BAKER´S HONEYMOON by Marcus Mébès

On the cover: clockwise from the top, we have Ozma, Prince Corum, Polychrome, Maria Baker, the Hungry Tiger, Arko the Mer-man, Derek Designer, King Bud of Noland, and Jinnicky, the Red Jinn of Ev.


Polychrome visits the sea fairies

Polychrome visits the sea fairies
Devil fish

Maria and Derek

Arko and Orpa

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