sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

Rats! and Other Frustrations

This was the first time that my drawings were published, in a book called Rats! and Other Frustration, by Marcus Mébes. 

This is a description of the book from Lulu.com, where you can get it:

"Here is a collection of three short stories and two poems by Marcus D. Mebes, featuring stunning art in "George Perez" style by Alejandro Garcia. From the "Twilight Zone"ish title story, to a fairy tale, to a surprising retelling of the "Beowulf" saga from the viewpoints of a Civil War soldier and a Caddo Indian, this collection is sure to bring enjoyment and provoke you to think hard about how people treat each other".

And here is the link: Lulu.com 
Rats! cover





Madame Leonore
Sky-Eyed Wolf

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