jueves, 24 de mayo de 2018

ARGO 5 #25

Argo 5 hits issue #25! Available here:


It has been quite a journey to issue 25 and we added some extra pages and features to make it a special event.

The war with the Anunnaki continues as part of our 2 part event concluding from last issue. Guest stars galore but will Earth survive this crisis from creation? Story by Dan Sehn, art by Alejandro Garcia and colors by Dijjo Lima. Plus our pin-up section withGilbert Monsanto and Mitch Ballard and a feature that answers the question, “Just how strong is Chain Reaction?”. All this is behind a phenomenal cover by our story artist, Alex Garcia and an Iconic Variant by indie comics star Mark Propst (Southern Knights, X-Thieves)!

ARGO 5 #25
ARGO 5 #25 - page 01

ARGO 5 #25 - page 05

ARGO 5 #25 - page 14

ARGO 5 #25 - cover B/W

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